EzCred Frequently Asked Questions

What is EzCred and how can it help me?
○ EzCred (pronounced Eee Zee Cred) is a Lending Marketplace with multiple Banks/NBFCs on board. Via EzCred, a customer can apply for an EMI/loan for the product.
○ EzCred offers instant approval and a complete digital journey for both the BITS and the customer.
○ Customers can access EzCred via the browser on the mobile or desktop.

What are the EMI schemes available for me? Am I eligible for a 0% scheme?
EMI schemes depend on your eligibility and product/pricing parameters. You may be eligible for a 0% scheme as well. Please check with your merchant if there are any specific queries.

What is the maximum loan amount I can avail?
Our lenders can offer loans for products priced up to INR 10 Lacs. This can vary based on the offerings. Pls check with your representative at BITS for the exact offers.

Do I need to carry my original PAN and Address proof?
Yes, this is mandatory. You need to upload a digital copy of the above documents.

My CIBIL is good, still, my Loan got rejected?
○ It's likely that your loan is rejected even though your bureau score is good. This is because NBFCs (Aditya Birla Finance Limited) look at entire bureau reports, and not just bureau score alone.
○ Different Banks/NBFC use alternate bureau systems.

Can I re-apply a loan if my loan got rejected
○ You can reapply for a loan in the following scenarios. Please ensure you enter the same combination of Mobile and PAN number while re-applying the loan.
○ If your loan was rejected based on address grounds, you can reapply with new address details
○ If you have uploaded Bank statement copies, then you can reapply for a loan with a bank statement of another bank account that you hold.